Appraiser Tool House

Land Adjustment, SF and Sold Date Template  Utilize only when you are nearly done with your report. Enter lot size, square foot, sale (or pending) date and final values for each comparable and make adjustments for the closest fitting result.

Comprehensive Market Trends One Year Template Produces a table comparing 43 parameters over the past 12 months.

Comprehensive Market Trends Three Years Template  Produces a table comparing 43 parameters over the past 12 quarters.

Page 1 Spreadsheet 1g Template Utilizes the 1004 MC input data for all houses. You need to run a built-in macro. Provides data and three graphs.

Market Trend Analysis Program Use many potential comparables, adjust for square foot, lot size, age, and date of sale. Provides two graphs.

The Appraiser Scheduler A daily spreadsheet showing all of your open orders, with due dates, appointment times and contact number.

Seasonal Variations by Quarter Input only the sold data for many years and seasonal trend results.

Weighted Comps Utilizes the final value for each comparable, the gross and net adjustments, the number of adjustments for each comparable. It provides the value of the subject based on the weight given to each comparable.

Lot Size and Price Per Unit Whether utilizing acres or square foot for lot sizes, this template determine the value for the bare land, the incremental value of a portion of the lot. Only input sale price and lot size.

DOM vs Selling Price Calculates value over the future and sets the price for a quicker sale. Enter the final value of the property, projected market trend in percentage each month and typical DOM (days on market).

Snapshot of the Past Three Months Utilizes the same input data as the 1004 MC 4c. Provides output for each of the past three months only, and provides three graphs.

Multi-Graph Spreadsheet

Snapshot of the Past Three Months 6