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1004 MC Spreadsheet: An Excel program to Sort MLS Data

Written during Thanksgiving 2008, and revised several times, the free 1004 MC program sorts MLS data for placement into the 1004 MC form.  It runs in all versions of Excel and in Open Office, but not with MicroSoft Works.  It is available here for free download.

If you want me to run the data for you and send you the results, click here

It is important to select the correct instructions for your MLS.  The 3a versions, no longer provided here, were for the original 1004 MC form that was first published in November 2008.  The 4b version delivers the Sale Price/List Price ratio in the manner requested by Fannie Mae.  Then on June 30, 2010, FNMA changed the way we calculate Actives.  So I changed them and they all became 4c's.

Effective June 30, 2010, Fannie Mae changed the way we calculate the ACTIVES.  I have now rewritten all of the programs to reflect this change, and to auto-fill the Date Of Value with TODAY'S date, for whatever date you open the program.  These updated programs are the 1004 MC 4c ones.  You will still pull the MLS data the same way as before. The 4b instructions work for the 4c.
The instructions are designed for two purposes: to help you set up the export feature on your MLS (you need to do this only once) and to help you select the proper status and dates so that you scoop up all the needed data to make the program work.

The spreadsheets are written for different MLSs.  Some need to have only 11 columns to be downloaded, while others need 13 or more columns.  Read the instructions.
The Generic Spreadsheet for the 1004 MC works for MetroList and many other systems, including Rappatoni. 
Spreadsheet 4c.  MetroList instructions are here.
Tutor sheet for MetroList but will help with questions about other MLS here. 

Alameda County (CA) Paragon MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Austin, Texas (ABOR): Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Bareis: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Calaveras County: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
CRMLS: Spreadsheet 4c1.  Instructions here.   (Updated January 14, 2014)
Eugene/Portland Oregon RMLS:
4c1.  Revised 3/7/12. Instructions are on the spreadsheet.
FLEX MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Hawaii MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.
Houston, Texas (HAR): Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Matrix: Which used to be Tempo, in So. CA.:  Use the CRMLS 1004 MC 4c1 Spreadsheet 
Matrix for the SF Bay Area:
Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.  (see below for more)
MetroList: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Michigan: Spreadsheet 4c.
MLS CLAW: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
MRMLS: Use the CRMLS 1004 MC 4c1 Spreadsheet
MLS Listings (REILS) System.  Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here. 
New Jersey MLS:  Spreadsheet 4c1.
Nevada County (CA) Paragon MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Nevada County (CA) Rapattoni MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  
NTREIS, Texas: Spreadsheet 4c.
Paragon 5: Instructions are here.  Written for Nevada County MLS but works for others.
Philadelphia:  Spreadsheet 4c1.  Revised 4/13/13.  Instructions are at the top of the spreadsheet.
Portland-Eugene, OR: Spreadsheet 4c1.
Promatch, Ohio: Spreadsheet 4c.
San Antonio, Texas MLS:  Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions are here.
San Diego Tempo: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Tempo: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Tahoe-Sierra MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.
Washington State (NWMLS): Spreadsheet: 4c.  For instructions, see your MLS.
Yuba/ Sutter County Paragon MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.
  Instructions here.
Yuba/Sutter Rapattoni MLS: Spreadsheet 4c.  Instructions here.

Matrix in the SF Bay Area:  You have three options.  1) You may use the Matrix above, with the instructions, and build your own custom export. 2) You can use this spreadhsheet
and the default custom export designed by Matrix (called: "Appraiser Form 1004 MC").  The difference is that there is one column for the address, not two.
The problem with both of these is that sometime the CDOM is used instead of the DOM, so the number of actives you end up with is actually higher than the actual number.  An alternative is to change the last column of your custom export from DOM to "Status Change Date" and use this spreadsheet.

CalRedd:  Call Tom Childres (209) 704-0600 
Las Vegas:  Call me.
MLS Alliance does not supply the needed information for a spreadsheet solution.
Navica, of Texas does not give us the data we need to construct a spreadsheet.

To customize a spreadsheet and instructions for your MLS I'll need access to your site and about 4 hours of time.

If you are having trouble with your MLS, please call your MLS.  If, after reading the instructions sheet and the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet you are having trouble with your spreadsheet, e-mail me your spreadsheet and I'll look it over.

If you need additional help, I am available for tutoring, at a reasonable fee.
To buy the 1004 MC 5c program for MetroList, Nevada County Paragon, or CRMLS, make a $60 donation (below) and write me at, or mail me the check to
P.O. Box 1716, Colfax, CA. 95713

To buy the ERC program (sample input page is here, and sample export page is here), make a $30 donation (below) or mail me a check at P.O. Box 1716, Colfax, CA. 95713. 

If you wish to show appreciation for my efforts, you may donate here:

Other files
I've written some other files that are available here.

One-Unit Housing (Page 1 URAR) Spreadsheet

Seasonal Variations Template:  Dump in several years of data and see the seasonal differences in your neighborhood.  Useful for comparison to the 1004 MC results.

Spreadsheet for the Three-Year Snapshot:  Takes three years of 1004 MC input to produce several graphs showing long term changes.

Market Trend Analysis Program:  A multiple regression program for determining subject value over time, adjusted for SF, lot size and age of property.

Market Trend Analysis Program with one Variable: A multiple regression program for comparing two sets of data to find the difference in value (ie: pool vs no pool, 3 vs 4 bedroom).

Snapshot of the Past Three Months:  Similar to the 1004MC 11 columns, but covers only the last 3 months.

Cross Reference Spreadsheet: 
 Designed to keep track of all of your orders for the year.

Appraisal Scheduler:  Keep track of all of your active orders and appointments .

Price per SF Adjustment Calculator: A simple excel program for determining the $/SF adjustment for comparables in your grid.

Land Adjustment Spreadsheet: A simple excel program for determining lot size adjustments in a non-linear (diminishing return) manner.

DOM vs Selling Price:  A program to determine quick, or distress sale prices.

Weighted Comps:  Determines final value from comparable data from your grids.